Management & Leadership

Behind every Humboldt Electric project is a team of skilled professionals committed to outstanding customer service and top-quality workmanship. Our staff includes Red Seal electrical journeypersons, electrical apprentices, and the faces you’ll find below. We take pride in working hard and maintaining our reputation as Saskatchewan’s most respected, dependable, and trusted electrical contractor.

Darren McConnell


“I want Humboldt Electric to be recognized as the most efficient, reliable and responsive electrical contractor in Saskatchewan.”

Darren has devoted his entire career to Humboldt Electric, rising the ranks from an apprentice electrician in 1983 to accepting the role of President in 1998. Darren’s decades of experience, both in the field and in the office, help him lead with vision and compassion. He invests significant time and energy building relationships with staff, industry partners, clients, and community members.

Darren has served on a long list of industry boards, and is a Past President of both the Saskatoon Electrical Contractors Association and the Saskatoon Construction Association. In 2017, Darren was inducted as an Honorary Life Member of the Saskatoon Construction Association for his contributions to the commercial construction industry.

Glen Gerow


“My main goal is to make sure Humboldt Electric remains an industry leader by bidding competitively on projects and staying on top of industry developments.”

Glen has served as Humboldt Electric’s Vice-President since 1999. Prior to his appointment, he spent 15 years working his way up from electrician to project manager and estimator. As Vice-President, Glen oversees business operations, including bids, and is focused on building efficiencies while delivering high-quality work and maintaining Humboldt Electric’s reputation as Saskatchewan’s leading electrical contractor.

Glen is a Past President and active board member of the Electrical Contractors Association of Saskatchewan and the Saskatoon Electrical Contractors Association, and a Past Director for the Saskatchewan Construction Association.

Dean Cochrane

Chief Estimator

“As Chief Estimator it is my job to determine the best bid strategies and guide my team of estimators through the complex and often demanding bid process to ensure Humboldt Electric’s success.”

As Humboldt Electric’s Chief Estimator, Dean is responsible for mentoring, training, and supporting his team of estimators through the often demanding bid process. He has been with the team since his 4th year electrical apprenticeship in 1986. A strategic thinker with great attention to detail, Dean looks after complex project estimating tasks to ensure they are both accurate and considerate of the full scope of a client’s needs.

Dean has volunteered his experience and expertise as Past President to a variety of industry committees including the Saskatoon Electrical Contractors Association, Saskatoon Construction Association, and Saskatchewan Bid Depository Incorporated Association.

Ashley McConnell-Quesnel

Human Resources and Safety Manager

“My main goal is to ensure we effectively manage and engage with our employees. I incorporate policies and procedures that benefit our team and honour our company’s strategic vision.”

Ashley’s employee-first approach to Human Resources and Safety has helped her cultivate a safe, productive, and energetic culture with plenty of opportunities for growth. She joined the company in 2014 after completing a Bachelor of Commerce, and has since made significant contributions both operationally and strategically, building internal capacity to support Humboldt Electric’s vision and goals. Her experience with policy development and compliance has been critical in moving the business closer toward mission zero.

Guy Leblanc

Project Manager

“I pride myself in working closely with project stakeholders, respecting their needs, budgets, and schedules. This focus on collaboration and communication is what allows us to consistently and efficiently deliver quality electrical installations.”

Guy joined Humboldt Electric’s Project Management team in 2016 after nearly a decade of work as an electrician and later Project Supervisor. Guy is attentive and communicative, making sure each project team member is set up for success. He extends this same attentiveness to his clients, prioritizing transparency, respect, and thoughtful customer service.

Jason Tatlow 

Project Manager

“My goal is to bring the big picture into focus, analyzing the intricate details of our projects to provide tailored results to our construction partners and clients.”

A member of Humboldt Electric’s Project Management division, Jason brings a unique perspective to the team. Prior to pursuing a career as an electrician, he worked throughout western Canada in the oil and gas industry. Jason puts his problem solving and organizational skills to good use, working with suppliers, contractors, and engineers to ensure his projects are completed to meet customer’s expectations.

Ryan McConnell

Project Manager/ Estimator

“I attribute my success to maintaining strong relationships with our industry partners and clients, working closely with crews, and preparing thorough, competitive tenders for work.”

Ryan began working with Humboldt Electric in 2012 as a first-year electrical apprentice; he excelled in the electrical trade and joined the office team as Project Manager/Estimator in 2018. From the beginning, Ryan has always lead by example with a positive attitude and willingness to learn. These skills help him successfully coordinate and complete client projects on time and on budget.

Michael Chelack


“I take great pride in providing our clients the most competitive price for the highest quality products.”

Michael has worked in the construction industry for almost two decades, spending the last 10 years in the electrical trade here in Saskatchewan. Prior to joining Humboldt Electric as a Project Estimator, Michael was a Construction Supervisor and is well-known for his perseverance and commitment to excellence.

Stephen Connolly


“My work involves reviewing blueprints, specifications, and other key documents to submit accurate, competitive estimates that help our team successfully secure new work.”

Originally from Ireland, Stephen joined Humboldt Electric in 2012. After earning his Journeyperson status in Canada he quickly moved up the ranks to site supervisor. Stephen now works in the office as an Estimator providing full-cost tenders of construction projects.

Jordan Goldade

Project Coordinator

“I strive to continually build working relationships and effectively communicate with management, field staff and construction partners to ensure projects are running productively and efficiently.”

Jordan joined Humboldt Electric in January of 2014 as a first year apprentice; he spent several years learning the trade and in May 2021 he achieved his Journeyperson status. In 2021, Jordan joined the office team bring his electrical experience and a Bachelor of Commerce degree together to excel in his position. He is an invaluable member of the team, offering project support, ensuring proper documentation, and implementing systems, procedures, and policies to ensure projects run smoothly.

Tanya Barsaloux


“My primary goal is providing the  management team with timely, relevant, and accurate financial information. I implement and oversee accounting procedures that support well-informed decision making at all levels of the organization.”

Since joining Humboldt Electric in 2018, Tanya has been instrumental to the company’s financial success and appreciates the family-like, flexible work environment. She provides day-to-day accounting support alongside managing payroll and financial reporting. Tanya holds a Bachelor of Commerce and CPA designation.

Dennis Orellana


“My goal is to streamline how we source quality job site supplies, making sure we meet our timelines in a cost-effective manner.”

As Purchaser, Dennis plays a critical role in Humboldt Electric’s operations management, streamlining product supply to create a more efficient and cost-effective organization. He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration and helps site supervisors manage tight construction timelines by sourcing and routing the right materials to the right location at the right time.

Sue Davidson


“My focus is to provide the support needed to maintain the efficiency and professionalism within Humboldt Electric.”

Sue is the friendly, smiling face you’ll be greeted with at Humboldt Electric’s head office in Saskatoon. An expat originally from the United Kingdom, Sue is kind, professional, and brings decades of clerical and administrative experience. She is a tremendous support to everyone on the team, both in the office and in the field, making sure the business runs smoothly day in and day out.

Gerry Gerbrandt

Senior Service Technician

“My goal is to resolve electrical issues as quickly as possible without compromising accuracy or quality. By minimizing downtime, we also minimize loss of profit and productivity.”

Gerry began his career in the electrical trade more than four decades ago, joining Humboldt Electric in 1994. Today, Gerry works as the Senior Service Technician; under his direction, the business’s service department continues to grow and evolve to meet a changing electrical landscape. Known for his quick, quality work, Gerry is often referred to as “the best technician in Saskatoon.”

Nic Fast

Service Technician

“I take what I do seriously. I enjoy thinking of new and creative ways to solve problems and ensure client satisfaction while considering codes, guidelines, and overall safety.”

Nic’s career in the electrical trade began in 2011. He joined Humboldt Electric in the spring of 2016 and quickly became known for his work ethic and commitment to the community. Nic responds to service calls with professionalism and personability, and is an asset to the Service team.