Safety First

Our top priority always has been and always will be the health and safety of our team, making sure all of our tradespeople and team members make it home safely to their loved ones at night. It’s a responsibility we take very seriously.

We are proud to have a safety program that is among the strongest in Saskatchewan. Health and safety is an ongoing effort, and we take pride in building a proactive culture of safety where employees at all levels feel empowered to improve our program and honour it in the work they do. We offer intensive training and rigorous testing to ensure our team operates in a way that protects themselves, each other, our property and, of course, the public. These efforts support our Mission Zero initiatives.

We also take measures to protect the environment and minimize our footprint. Working in partnership with our customers and material suppliers, we ensure that work performed on company- or customer-owned property meets strict environmental and customer-specific guidelines. All waste products are disposed of in accordance with Safety Data Sheet guidelines.

Safety Recognition