Leading our industry as the most respected, dependable, and trusted electrical contractor in Saskatchewan.

About Us

Humboldt Electric Ltd. is proud to be one of the province’s largest electrical contractors. With a longstanding reputation for delivering the highest quality services, our values are at the core of everything we do and every relationship we build.

To offer you the best possible customer experience, our team is always learning. Whether it’s an emerging technology or a new industry trend, we know that by investing in education, we invest in our company’s success.

Our Mission

Providing greater opportunity and security for our trade professionals and their families.

Our Values


We are involved in a variety of community-based programs and initiatives


We believe in an honest approach to business and always do what we say


We proudly stand behind our products and services


We protect the health and safety of our team, our job sites, and the environment


Family is at the foundation of everything we do


We emphasize teamwork, effort, and collaboration


We are a team of trained professionals committed to excellence


We work tirelessly to earn and demonstrate respect in all facets of our business

Our History

Bob and Shirley McConnell founded Humboldt Electric in 1966. For nearly 15 years, Humboldt Electric exclusively served clients in Humboldt and surrounding areas, but an expansion in 1980 saw the business relocate to Saskatoon.

In the early 1980s, Humboldt Electric employed 15 electricians; today, we have as many as 150 actively working on projects around Saskatchewan. Bob attributes the company’s growth and lasting success to three things: Saskatchewan’s rich natural resources, a healthy workplace culture, and a commitment to relationship-based business. From the beginning, Bob wanted Humboldt Electric to be founded on strong, lasting relationships with employees, suppliers, tradespeople, and even competitors. We are proud to continue Bob’s legacy, today and into the future.